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technician strategy and App

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Be more profitable this summer and get more work for slow times!

Increase ticket value

Your techs are your most important means for reducing expensive callbacks and cancellations, and increasing service ticket value. This is true during the summer and more importantly during slow times.


By techs responding to HVAC failures with a diagnostics-mindset and this powerful App. By doing so, they positively impact clients and business by offering a more complete solution as a result of exceptional diagnosing. Clients who get diagnostics in front of a repair/replacement quotes – are more knowledgeable, approve quotes more often and after the work is done, have greater satisfaction.

Provide your techs with the most powerful diagnostics field Strategy and App offered today. It is called SmartDiagnostics© with built-in expert SmartTutor© videos.

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Try it for free your first month. Why? We want you to learn what the program will do for your business before you start paying. After the first month, continue on a month-to-month fee basis to experience just how it impacts your ticket revenue and margins. Stay as long as it benefits your business, your techs and your customers.

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A Smartech Alliance exclusive IAQ strategy and technology!

Watch your clients buy when you FIRST prove IAQ effectiveness!

Offer your clients the proof-based ION purification solution and experience how your clients buy more often from you. Now is the time to provide your clients with measurably the most effective and safe IAQ solution. Yes it addresses viruses at the highest lab-proven efficacy rate. More importantly it substantially eliminates particulate matter (PM) and airborne contaminants for an overall superior IAQ solution!

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A Smartech Alliance exclusive maintenance strategy, software and professional engineer!

For anyone offering HVAC maintenance in the last decade, it has been a price-over-value challenge to say the least. Today it is often outright ridiculous what clients think they can get at ever lower prices. Not anymore! To set appointment and explore the “new maintenance” click on the Schedule Meeting button below.