7/26/2021 Press Release: 

SmartTech App

Awarded DDA Gold 
in Software category!

It has just been announced, the SmartTech App by SmartHVAC, LLC was awarded the top HVAC industry ACHR News Gold Dealer Design Award for their innovative HVAC tech App program.

Why did it get the award? 

  • It trains & develops techs while they work on HVAC

Result of using the App? 

  • Techs add 26K (+-) in work/material ticket revenue

Inside the powerful SmartTech App is SmartDiagnostics with SmartTutor™. It provides HVAC service techs complete diagnostic check lists along with built-in expert training videos, that are added to monthly. This results in techs being most thorough at identifying problems, resulting in them providing clients more complete solutions. This earns their company additional work/material. With lower-skilled techs, the App assists them in growing their skills. With higher-skilled techs, it results in them better communicating solutions.

The App works on any cellular-enabled tablet/computer on any internet browser. Besides diagnostics and videos, the App comes with robust scheduling, dispatching and quoting, for contractors who need this. 

View of diagnostics for techs

See how it adds 26K

View YouTube

What are its benefits?

Benefit to techs:

  1. GETS MORE HOURS: Techs perform diagnostics, better identify solutions, resulting in more work.
  2. LEARN WHILE DIAGNOSING: Techs learn, in real service situations and on actual equipment. 
  3. SIMPLE TO COMMUNICATE: Techs easily send from App, informational PDF Reports to clients.

Benefit to contractors:

  1. REVENUE: By techs identifying/verifying additional solutions, it results in increased ticket value.
  2. CALLBACKS: Techs better-resolve problems, so callbacks and their costs are reduced.
  3. REPUTATION: Techs build the contractor’s reputation by offering diagnostics-based solutions.
  4. RETURN: For $59/month, each tech adds revenue and continues to use it so long as it does so.

Old problems addressed:

  1. SHORTAGES: Shortages of trained and skilled HVAC techs, who can diagnose and service.
  2. TRAINING: Techs need training, but taking them away from work, results in lost revenue.
  3. LOST BUSINESS: More work than there are techs to do the work resulting in lost opportunities.
  4. REPEAT COSTS: Less skilled techs or techs who are not disciplined, cost in callbacks.
  5. KEEPING TECHS: It provides techs a better opportunity to thrive, so they will want to stay.

If you signup this month:

You get your 1st month free to prove it works!