A little on PMEs

PMEs focus clients on performance within their budgetary limitations, rather than on dollars only. We build detailed Performance-Plans on each HVAC unit. We collaborate with non-competing PMEs sharing ideas, and business. We provide our clients Engineered-Maintenance™ that clients see and experience as advantageous. So we earn trust and earn business. 

Details on what PMEs provide their clients

  • Engineered-maintenance™ – PMEs build an exact service delivery plan before asking client to buy.
  • Prioritized tasking by unit – PMEs, understanding what environment or occupant each unit serves, adds or reduces maintenance resources.
  • On budget, on margin – PMEs have both their client’s and company’s interest at heart. Clients get maintenance within their budgetary limitations and company gets a fair margin.
  • Continous upgrading – As a building’s occupants and HVAC requirements change, so can the engineered-maintenance, anytime it is needed.

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